Why Every Company Needs a Professional Website?


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For many businesses starting out, the need for a professional website may not seem like an important one and may often be overlooked or set as a nice-to-have. Reluctance to develop a professional website usually stems from three reasons:

· There are many avenues to broadcast your company through seemingly easier means that are just as effective such as relying on social media.

· The market or type of business does not solicit the type of customer that would rely on websites. These examples may be geared more to non-IT savvy demographics such as the elderly.

· The new company is small and doesn’t warrant the cost of a professional website. While in the long run it would be beneficial, in the beginning it’s not considered important.

These are common reasons for small / new business owners and even if you may be doing well, there are strong catalysts to suggest why a professional website would further improve your business.

1. Marketing

A professional website is one of the most accessible channels to market your company. The proliferation of the Internet has paved ways for millions of users for ubiquitous access to your business. Social media can serve some of this purpose, but has obvious shortcomings when it comes to customizing the content for your customer base.

Another key factor in marketing is the ability to leverage on Search Engine Optimization / Marketing (SEO / SEM). Knowing how to set up certain keywords and content in your website can help you prioritize your website higher on search engines and promote visibility to distinguish yourself from a myriad of other websites. For more on this, check out our post on SEO/SEM.

2. Cost

Ten years ago, building a website would require in-depth knowledge of coding and design. Nowadays, building a website is easier than ever. And the cost reflects this. In addition to having more tools and free education on building websites, there are also website builders such as WordPress and SquareSpace making it easier for users to piece together websites without having intricate knowledge of coding.

Furthermore, the cost of developing and maintaining a website is relatively cheaper to traditional forms of marketing when considering the mass population that can be reached. As your business starts to grow, the cost of running a website will save you money in the long run.

3. Customer Service

A professional website is an important way to improve customer service and in most cases, is the first channel a customer will explore to get answers. Most people do not want to go through the hassle of calling a company representative to get information to simple questions on topics such as product information, business hours, shipping information, etc.

Having a professional website can act as an easy first stop solution for many of your customer’s questions and also offload a lot of customer service support that would otherwise need to be performed manually.

4. Informing Customers

Good website design can make it easy for business owners to update their content and keep your customers aware of the latest information. Comparing this with traditional forms of marketing, materials such as posters or billboards would have to be scrapped and redone. Websites can be updated in a few minutes with ease allowing you to focus your efforts on other areas.

Having a well-designed professional website can greatly improve how to present information to your customer-base. For more details on what makes a well-designed website, please check out our post here.

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