Workeroom Translation, Writing Price, Rates and Quotations Hong Kong 2019



As a global hub for business and commerce, Hong Kong businesses look to build and grow their international presence and thus look to content translation services. The most common is English translation, Chinese translation and Japanese translation, but there are also increasing demands in content writing including but not limited to: blogs, company and industry news, website content and product descriptions.

To meet the rising demand, there has been a rapid emergence of freelancers who specialises in translation and writing.

If your business is looking for similar services, or if you are a freelancer or small business looking to provide these services, please refer to the quotation and price list below. You can also look into individual professional service providers in the link as follows.

Categories Workeroom Price/word
Chinese - English Translation HK$0.1 - HK$1
Chinese - Japanese Translation HK$0.2 - HK$0.8
English - Japanese Translation HK$0.4 - HK$1.5
Chinese - French Translation HK$0.35 - HK$1
Filipino Translation HK$0.28 - HK$1
Other Southeast Asian Language Translations HK$0.28 - HK$1
Copywriting HK$1 - HK$20