• How to Buy Services on Workeroom

  • Buying a service in Workeroom is easy and simple. Simply follow the steps below and get started right away!

    1. Choose the service type customised for your needs with our main professional services offerings by category, which includes: graphic design, digital marketing, technology services, corporate and accounting services and translation and writing.

    2. Speed up your search process with filters for service sub-types, details, delivery time and price range.

    3. Look at the service details provide by professionals including service provider profile, image designs, service description, price, specific job details and requirements

    4. Before you make your purchase decision, you can click on ‘contact me’ under the service provider profile to communicate directly with the service providers to clarify job details and discuss any customised needs

    5. Once you are happy to proceed with your purchase, you can click ‘Proceed to Payment’ and choose

    a. Payment type (pay by balance on Workeroom or with credit card/payal)
    b. Enter any promotional code you may have
    The job request details and pricing breakdown will be shown on the screen as follows

    6. Click pay now, enter the necessary details and the work order process begins!