• A Step by Step Guide to the Service Process for Buyers

  • This guideline will walk you through the process after you have purchased an order.

    1. After you have made your payment, you will need to submit the order requirements to the Pro based on the service request. This may include original documents, images and/or scope that needs to be worked on.

    The Pro cannot start on your job without these requirements so remember to submit these as soon as possible!

    2. Once you have submitted the order requirements, the Pro will need to confirm the start of your service which will be reflected under your order status.

    3. You will receive a notification that the Pro has started working on your order.

    You can now wait until the service is complete and can follow the job progress within the order form for each specific job order.

    4. Check the service(s) and material(s) delivered by the Pro. If you have further requests and proposed revisions that need to be made, you can click on ‘ASK FOR REVISION’ under the order status. The number of revisions available are confirmed prior to the purchase of the order.

    You may then wait for the Pro to revise the service as requested.

    5. After you have checked the revised documents and are satisfied with the service delivered, confirm that your order has been completed by clicking ‘CONFIRM ORDER’ in order for Workeroom to release the payment to the Pro.

    Please note that if you do not respond in 3 days the order will be automatically confirmed.

    6. Once you receive the confirmation that the service has been completed, remember to review the service to get extra membership points to get discounts on your next service order!