Accounting & Bookkeeping

Every company needs accounting and bookkeeping to run a business and comply with certain statutory requirements. A good accounting and bookkeeping records can allow you to better understand your fund flows and analyze financial performance.

  • How can accounting and bookkeeping service benefit my company?

    On the one hand, proper bookkeeping records the turnover and sales of each product and help company to formulate marketing strategies. On the other hand, bookkeeping records expenditures such as wages, rentals and other expenses and help company to analyze costs, control budget and perform financial planning.

  • Why do I need to hire a freelance bookkeeper or accountant?

    Accounting and bookkeeping are one of the crucial roles when operating a company. However, most of the start-ups and small businesses do not have enough resources to hire a full-time bookkeeper or accountant. Therefore, outsourcing these work tasks to freelance accountant or bookkeeper can help company save cost while getting the routine job done efficiently.