Company Secretary

The regulatory framework and governance is becoming more and more complex and the role of Company Secretay is getting more important in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's company law requires that all companies registered in Hong Kong must have a company secretary, and registered companies without a qualified company secretary cannot be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

  • Why do you need a company secretary?

    According to the Companies Ordinance, each company must appoint a qualified company secretary who resides in Hong Kong and is knowledgeable about the laws of Hong Kong. Therefore, no matter you are a private or public company, you need to have a company secretary in Hong Kong.

  • What is the difference between company secretary and personal secretary?

    A company secretary needs to be familiar with the Companies Ordinance and ensure the company has complied with the relevant statutory requirements at all times. A company secretary provide professional advice to the company management on corporate governance matters. On the contrary, a personal secretary is responsible for handling administrative work such as scheduling and other routine liaison work.

  • What are the duties of a company secretary?

    The duties of a company secretary are broad. For intstance, the company secretary needs to maintain and update the statutory books of the company such as the registers of shareholders and the registers of directors. Also, the company secretary is responsible for preparation and filing of the company annuals returns and other company changes to the Companies Registry from time to time.

  • What qualification does a professional company secretary need?

    A proper company secretary should have knowledge and prior experience in the compliance requirements and regulatory framework with regards to business incorporation in Hong Kong. Also, a good company secretary should be responsible and have great attention to details to handle the company matters timely and accurately.