Data Entry

Hong Kong is a city with businesses and transactions happen round the clock. By the end of the day, there are always a large amount of data accumulated. Our freelance data entry clerks can assist you with reliable data entry services, and help you save unnecessary expenses and time to deal with the unorganized data.

  • What is the job duty of a data entry clerk?

    Data entry clerk uses computer and softwares to perform the data entry tasks. They may also assist on file renaming, document formatting and proofread upon request.

  • What skills does a data entry clerk need?

    The data entry clerk should have good reading and typing skills in Chinese, English and other languages. They are also familiar with Microsoft Office, Excel and/or Powerpoint and the functions, formulas and charts etc.

  • How is the data entry service generally charged?

    The charge will normally be determined by the estimated time for the data entry jobs, which is dependent on the amounts of data. Therefore, the data entry clerk will typically charge on a hourly basis. There may be additional charges if other services (e.g. creating graphs, data research) are involved.

  • Why you should outsource the tasks to freelance or part-time data entry clerk?

    Well-organized data can help your company to maintain good operation records and facilitate your staff to perform data analysis. However, hiring a full-time data entry clerk is not always necessary from the HR cost perspective. Getting help from freelance or part-time data entry clerk is a great alternative to offload the time-consuming tasks and allow you to focus on daily operations.