Logo Design

Logo is especially important for brands as it represents its overall image, and the logo will be presented to customers in a variety of ways, including company products, official websites, social media pages, etc. An excellent logo design is the preliminary step to build the image of the brand, which will leave a profound first impression to your clients!

  • Which format should the logo be in?

    Logos are generally designed and produced using image processing software (such as Photoshop, AI), and can be exported or archived in a variety of formats, such as JPEP, PNG, AI, etc. PNG is a format with a transparent background that can be applied to other designs and promotional materials. In addition, the client can request the designer to obtain the AI formatted file for potential adjustments and modifications.

  • What do we usually have to pay attention to when designing a logo?

    A logo represents the overall image of the brand. Therefore, the design of a logo has to be in line with the market positioning of the company, it has to be able to communicate the correct brand direction and information to the clients. The logo also has to be unique and easy to identify. Think of the technological companies Apple and Google, luxury brands LV and GUCCI, sportswear companies such as Nike and Adidas - their logos contain elements as unique, clear and easy to identify.

  • Why are professional designers required to design a logo?

    A logo is the sign of a company's image, it is also an important asset of a brand. An outstanding logo design requires not only the understanding of the brand, but also the operations of a combination of a creative art and image processing; such a job requires the skills of a professional designer.

  • What can I do next after I have a satisfactory logo?

    After having the design of your logo, you can start designing your business cards, flyers, product packaging, or updating your website. If you need services such as a graphic design or website design, you can also find professionals who can help you on Workeroom. They will try their best to put your ideas into practice!