Photo Retouch

With the development of technology, the public's aesthetic demand for promotional materials is increasing. From small flyers to corporate posters, one needs to use Photoshop as a professional photo editor. Edited images can increase its attractiveness, which also means increasing the number of potential clients.

  • What are the specific charges for photo retouch and editing?

    There are different types of photo retouch and editing services, such as wedding photo retouching, merchandising retouching, retouching of identity photos and portraits. The fees charged by professional editors will be adjusted according to the quality, quantity of the photos, and how professionally they have been done. The larger the area that needs to be edited, the higher the price will be, as there will more areas that require editing. Other services such as printing finished products, providing photo or filming services, creating illustrations, text/titles, etc. will be charged separately.

  • What is dpi (Dots Per Inch)?

    Dpi (Dots Per Inch) is an abbreviation for resolution. The higher the dpi is, the finer and clearer the image printed will be. Generally, the quality of a general printed material needs to be at least 300dpi. If it is only displayed on the computer screen, a lower dpi is acceptable.

  • What do the general services of photo retouch and editing include?

    Photo editors generally provide retouching services based on the principle of making the photo look beautiful and nature. Generally, the services include beautification of portraits and promotion of products. In terms of beautification of portraits, it includes the editing of facial features, removal of any acne, freckles, eye bags, etc. And for photos with landscape or photos portraying daily life, the services include the adjustment of colors, luminosity, edges or the removal of watermarks.

  • What are the skills in photo retouch and editing?

    There are numerous types of skills in photo editing. In addition to the general color and angle adjustment, experts in Photoshop editing can also use their retouching skills to help improve the quality of the picture, including the changes to the overall color tone, using the gradient filter to highlight the focus, changing the ambience of the picture, or change the shape of the picture, etc. The images produced by editing may even be completely different from the original images.