Product & Packaging

Product packaging is very important, and people have come to consensus regarding this subject. The primary goal of product and packaging design is to attract clients. A creative design of products and packaging are more impressive and attractive. With the constant change of the trend of consumption and the top priority of appearances, there has to be an ongoing variety in product and packaging design.

  • What is a good product design?

    A user-centric product design is considered a popular idea in design. When designing a product, the designer should do so based on the needs of his clients, rather than forcing them to change their habits to suit the designer's ideas.

  • What is packaging design?

    Packaging design is a combination of vision and practicality. A practical packaging design needs to have the function of protecting and presenting the product. In addition to attracting customers, it is also an essential way to establish the image of the brand, and to convey its concept. A nice packaging design not only fosters the interaction between the products and the consumers, it also allows the consumers to have a stronger image of the brand, and a better linkage with it.

  • What is a good packaging design?

    When looking to the general criteria of a good packaging design, we look into its functionality, whether it’s interesting, aesthetic, scientific, commercial, environmental and so on. On one hand, a packaging design should take into account the economic appeal of the brand, while on the other hand, it ought to provide consumers with a high-quality visual experience.

  • What are the software used in packaging design?

    For most of the packaging designs, the final output method is printing. Below are three commonly used software in packaging design: 1. Adobe Illustrator (AI): a drawing software that allows you to easily design a different layer and design a repeating pattern; 2. CorelDraw (CDR): a drawing software. In addition to packaging design, this software is often used in the design of logos; 3. Photoshop (PS): a bitmap graphics software, mainly used for image editing.