Flyer & Poster Design

An exquisite, eye-catching posters or flyers can make clients grow more interest in the product, which in turn helps with the promotion. Brands or companies highlight their uniqueness by designing special posters and leaflets to raise awareness of their products. Through their design, they can also let the public know about their brand and leave an impression among them.

  • What are the differences between flyer design and poster design?

    Flyers are usually in A4 size, but the size of the posters is not necessarily the same, they’re around 600x900mm. The design of a poster is generally done to highlight the theme according to the client’s requirements. The design of a flyer focuses on highlighting and transmitting information, aiming to attract public attention through simple images and text.

  • What are the general folding methods for flyer design, and what should we pay attention to?

    The general folding method of flyers includes one-sided folding, two-fold, accordion folding, double parallel folding, commonly known as “Double Parallel Fold” method, letter folding and cross folding. The folded pages should capture the attention of the consumer, and the content of the folded pages should be eye-catching enough. The most important thing is that the design must be simple and able to convey a message.

  • What do we need to pay attention to in poster design?

    - The resolution of the printing requires a minimum of 300 dpi.
    - For printed materials, the image mode must be in CMYK.
    - The completed and submitted delivery should be in PSD, AI or TIF format without merged layers. If you save it in JPG format or JPG format with high compression ratio, it will damage the fineness of the image.

  • What are the scope of services for flyer design and poster design?

    Generally, flyer and poster design services include brochure design, text layout, visual art, font design, etc. As a professional designer, while paying attention to the design, he should also care for the quality of the design, and he should strive to publicize the promotional materials most effectively while providing diversified services to his clients.