Illustration & Cartoons

Visual appeal is a key part of the communication process, it’s often used to draw clients’ attention and stimulate their curiosity. Illustration is an expression that visually presents textual content, stories or ideas. The application of illustrations is very extensive. In addition to general printed publications, it also includes hand-drawn illustrations, digital illustrations or logo designs.

  • What are the benefits of using illustration?

    You can convey the information to your targeted audience in the most concise, clearest way, which can arouse their interests. The audience can receive the content of the materials in a pleasant way, which could facilitate them to take the final action.

  • What are the uses of illustration?

    Illustrations or cartoons can enhance the content of the subject. For general books, especially children's books, the scenes and characters in the story can be clearly expressed with illustration art and cartoons. In terms of teaching, illustrations can explain abstract concept and simplify complicated context. For commercial reasons, illustrations represent the concept of the brand, and they play an important role in its brand and image. Sometimes, a picture can speak a thousand words!

  • What are the areas that illustration design cover?

    The illustration design generally cover books, magazines, newspapers, novels, textbooks, etc. In addition to these publications, illustrator artists also create event posters for companies, design backdrop for the mall and apply illustration art to digital content such as social media.

  • Why I have to hire illustration designer instead of using free illustration resources?

    Using free illustration resources is easy but often times you need to spend extra time to edit the illustration. On the contrary, hiring an illustrator or illustration designer can help you create a unique illustration that matches the nature of the company or product and deliver a clear theme and message to the end-users.

  • How should I choose a suitable illustrator?

    To choose a suitable illustrator, apart from referring to his previous works, you can also make reference to his profile and qualifications. Also, you may consider other users’ reviews and see if they’re satisfied with the illustrator’s service. These information is available on the platform for your reference, and you can definitely hire them with confidence.