Name Card Design

Name card (or business card) is the first thing you get to know somebody in the world of business. An elegantly, eloquently designed name card not only highlights your personal taste, but also symbolizes your identity. An eye-catching business card can increase your confidence in social interaction, it also serves as a ticket for professionals to succeed.

  • Why is a name card designer important?

    A professionally designed name card is not just a piece of paper with information, but also a representation of your identity and personal preferences. The designer will first refer to the information that you would like to display, then, he will start designing your name card according to the style that you want to create; and he will also provide suggestions on the type of paper, typesetting, fonts, etc.

  • What are the specifications of a name card in general?

    The size of name cards is typically 90 x 54 mm. Regardless of the type of profession, people want to stand out in the design of their business cards. Therefore, clients may discuss the actual plan and the shape of the card to be used with the designer. They may also consider about the printing technology and the cost before making the decision.

  • Are printing services of the name cards included?

    Not necessarily. The client will need to discuss with the designer about this matter. Some designers may provide a one-stop design and printing services. There is one thing that you have to pay attention to – that is, the color of the printed product is very different from the color you see on the screen. This is because CMYK inks are used in printing, and colors are displayed in RGB on the screen. The color range of RGB is more extensive than that of CMYK. So be sure to discuss with the designer beforehand to avoid disputes.

  • Why do I have to choose my name card designer?

    No matter which industry you’re engaged in, a nice name card can speak your professional image loud. Since name cards are so essential, it is equally important to choose a professional name card designer who will have your name cards tailor-made to express your personal style.