Content Marketing

Content Marketing is to publish content for specific audiences to attract visitors to the websites to increase traffic.

  • What are the differences between content marketing and traditional marketing?

    In the past, consumers could only know about products from advertisements before deciding to purchase. The sales mode was relatively single. In many cases, enterprises would rather advertise the advantages of the products to consumers than understand their demands. With the rise of the internet, more channels are available to the consumers to know about the products. They would like to search on the internet to learn more about the products from different aspects before deciding to purchase. Hence, online word of mouth is significant and content marketing comes into being.

  • Why more and more companies are competing to advertise with content marketing?

    Network publicity is cost effective compared to previous TV or roadside advertisements. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, there is a chance to break through as long as the strategy is effective. Therefore, content marketing is a “fairer” approach than ever before. What makes content marketing different from traditional advertisement is that content marketing enables enterprises to directly communicate with potential customers through internet, and its advertising contents can be released in specific channels for certain groups to greatly enhance the success of marketing.

  • What are the general forms of content marketing?

    Social Media Feed, Blog Posts and Videos are the general forms of content marketing. They are normally released on brand websites, social media, and sometimes reprinted on other websites to increase exposure. At times, for the convenience of potential customers, enterprises may provide eBook or other data for download.

  • What is the relationship between content marketing and SEO?

    The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. The better you do in SEO, the higher exposure rate of your website will be and the easier it will be for the customers to find you. Hence, making good use of SEO is one of the effective strategies of content marketing. First, enterprises need to figure out the keywords most commonly used by customers and the content they expected. And then they write the contents following this idea, which can not only attract the readers, but also answer readers’ questions so that the readers gradually trust in your brands.