Email Marketing

Email Direct Marketing (EDM) is an advertising approach of sending commercial messages to recipients through email with the purpose of advertising, sales, establishing corporate images and building long-lasting relationship with recipients.

  • Why do enterprises choose email marketing for publicity?

    Email marketing, a publicity approach with relatively low cost, can bring considerable profits for enterprises if it is done well. In addition, the email database of each enterprise also represents specific customer base and assets. This also provides an advantage for publicity, so that you can avoid casting nets aimlessly and achieve the results effectively by focusing on the target audience interested in the brand. Thus, proper management of email database is closely linked with the development of the enterprise.

  • Is purchase of email database an effective strategy of email marketing?

    Some people may believe that more email addresses are necessary for the success of publicity. That may be the case. However, aimless collection of email addresses does not mean the increasing number of customers who are willing to trust and buy the brand. Moreover, sending emails to recipients without permission will not only be immoral, but also offend them and make them lose confidence in the brand. Hence, permission from customers is required prior to collecting email addresses, which is also a safe approach for the enterprises.

  • How should I test the validity of the emails?

    You can conduct A/B testing against different elements, such as the CTA color, text position or design background in EDM design. A/B testing is to make A and B versions for the elements to be tested to test the response of recipients to the emails. Which fonts do the recipients prefer? Which sentences can better encourage them to the website? Please keep in mind that while testing, you should avoid testing too many elements with the same A/B testing to avoid confusing data.

  • What data can you refer to if you want to know the validity of EDM strategies?

    Open rate, click-through rate, open time and unsubscribe rate are useful data, which can directly or indirectly reflect the validity of e-mails. In addition to specific email data, you can also observe the trend of cumulative data to review and formulate future strategies of EDM marketing.