Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu etc. are the common tools for SEM whose full name is Search Engine Marketing. In short, SEM presents the advertisement contents to target audiences through preset keywords advertising. If it is done well, SEM will be a marketing method that can quickly increase the exposure of the websites and make it easier for customers to access to your brands!

  • What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

    SEO, a process of continuously optimizing websites, requires no payment. On the contrary, SEM advertisements need to be paid. It aims to get plentiful exposure and views in short time in the form of bidding. The ranking of SEO is based on the algorithm of Google, while SEM gives prior exposure on the search result pages to the highest bidder.

  • How does SEM work?

    SEM including searching ads, multi-media ads, video ads and App ads. Taking Google Ads as an example, you can set up different kinds of campaigns and bid strategies in order for your ads to be displayed on Google and its network (i.e. Google Display Network).

  • What benefits can SEM bring to your company?

    SEM can increase your exposure and boost your website traffic in a short period of time. It is also suitable for seasonal offerings such as summer sales and Christmas sales. Also, some companies can yield better results by leveraging remarketing strategies through SEM.

  • How to do well in SEM?

    To do well in SEM, you need to conduct analysis of keywords and acquaint yourself with the search habits and preferences of the potential customers. It is necessary for you to combine the search experience of you and potential customers to accurately target your keywords. In addition, your attention should be given to the search volume of the keywords. If it is low, it means that your advertisement fails to bring the expected exposure and conversion.

  • What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

    PPC (Pay Per Click) means payment is needed for each click. It is a charge model for advertisement implemented by search engines or online advertising network. This is to say that advertising exposure is free and the advertisers are only charged when a user clicks into the website.

  • What is GDN (Google Display Network)

    GDN (Google Display Network) refers to multi-media advertisement network. With GDN, you can reach a wide range of target customers in the network of more than a million websites and applications where the target customers are visiting, and take advantage of the opportunity to present them the advertisements. There are different formats for GDN advertisements, including text advertisements, image advertisements and video advertisements, etc. You may set up your GDN advertisements in Google Adwords to reach out this large-scale network!