The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. The better you do in SEO, the higher exposure rate of your website will be and the easier it will be for the customers to find you. Now you might learn more about SEO and SEO service.

  • What kinds of keywords are most effective?

    Keyword search is mentioned in any SEO tutorial. As mentioned above, you are required to acquaint yourself with the searching habits of the customers so as to lead them to your website. Suppose you want to find a camera, you must have certain requirements in mind and write them down. Consequently, in addition to taking a title as a keyword, you can explore the extension of the title with more association. For example, “Digital single lens reflex camera”, ”Digital single lens reflex camera with high cost performance”, ”Canon digital single lens reflex camera”, etc. are more accurate words compared to “Camera”, and may probably achieve your goal with a single search.

  • Why blogging is a common approach for SEO?

    After mastering the habits and preferences of the potential customers, you can provide the information they want and lead them to your website through the powerful searching network and the right keywords. Blogs with keywords and key questions can help customers to solve problems. If the contents of your website are useful to customers, they will stay longer and be willing to share with others. Consequently, your search results will rank higher in the future.

  • Which is more important, keywords or content quality?

    Keywords are useful tool. But all marketing strategies are designed to attract customers and build long-lasting trusted relationship with them. Since the contents are always viewed by real people, your contents must be positive so that they are willing to read and trust. Proper use of keywords is important, but top priority should be given to people-oriented content with high quality.

  • What else should I pay attention to in order to raise SEO ranking?

    The first thing to notice is the relevance degree of the contents, and then the overall design of the website should be concise, clear and attractive to the visitors. Other respects include making good use of Header tags, letter spacing and outbound link, etc. In order to make it easier for others to find your website, you can also attract them with diverse contents!