Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, the development, application and effect of social media marketing are growing rapidly in speed, breadth and deepness. And various innovative applications and tools come in quick succession. Social media marketing which is multifarious in operation and methods has become a necessary marketing strategy for enterprises. With the purpose of increasing cost effectiveness and establishing longer relationship with more target customers to enhance marketing effect, flexible solutions are indispensable to some enterprises or brands by fitting in with their unique operation modes and requirement.

  • What are the considerations for Instagram Marketing?

    Instagram has become popular in recent years, especially among the young. Therefore, the accounts and contents which are virtually attractive, interesting and interactive are essential to users. You might as well beautify the Profile picture of IG account with distinctive pictures, and make good use of tools like IG Story, IG Live and hashtag for updating and adding fun.

  • Will the strategies and techniques for Facebook advertising be more complicated?

    Facebook has its own policies for advertising and regulations for products and websites. Hence, an advertisement will only be placed until it is reviewed and conformed to be in line with the policies. Moreover, enterprises need some acquaintance with the operation and setting of Facebook accounts so as to select suitable advertisement goals and audiences to raise the advertisement effect on Facebook. Therefore, those who are familiar with Facebook are generally assigned as managers by enterprises for relevant marketing work.

  • Is the cost effectiveness of advertising on Youtube ideal?

    Youtube, which possesses complete search and community functions, has wide user base all over the world. Its Youtube Live has gained much growth in channels, audience numbers and viewing time and the revenue generated by advertisement has been increasing in recent years. The broadcast mode and charge mode Youtube provided for advertisement are flexible and cost effective to enterprises. Different fees shall be charged according to the type of advertising positions with different features; other relevant functions provided enhance advertisement effect by helping enterprises search for target customer base, which is the shortcoming of traditional mass media advertising, such as TV or newspapers advertising.