Web Development

In additional to using traditional offline channels to drive sales, companies are increasingly looking for designing their own website to introduce their brand as well as their services or products. A beautiful web design can definitely help enhance the brand image and reach a wider set of potential customers.

  • How is website design generally charged?

    The fees will be charged according to the complexity (no. of pages and special visual effects etc.) of your website. Our professionals will quote a reasonable price after understanding your requirements.

  • What is the difference between UI and UX?

    UI stands for “user interface”. The user interface is the graphical layout of an application. UI designers create the look and feel of an application’s user interface and they need to make sure the visual elements look nice.“UX” stands for “user experience”. User experience refers to how easy or difficult it is for the user to interact with the application.

  • Why do you need professional web design services?

    Web design mainly focus on the aesthetic and user experience of your website. Our professionals at Workeroom possess technical knowledge and skills on design softwares and UI/UX and therefore can help you design a beautiful website that gives a good first impression to your customer.