Article & Blog

Blog posts can be used to express opinions or summarise research and interviews. Either way, the important element is that it is based on valuable and trustworthy content.

  • Why do I need a blog for my business?

    One of the most significant benefits of blogging for businesses is that blog content is a proven way to help companies raise brand and product awareness, generate more leads and eventually higher sales revenue. Blogging is a core part of the content marketing strategy. Most businesses start with generating attractive blog content and use SEO to help that content show up in search results and enabling more people to find your digital channels such as your website or social media channels.

  • What type of blog content are the most common?

    There is a large variety of common blog article types. For example, feature articles are common among both online and offline channels to focus on a particular product, company or individual. Another common type would be how-to blog posts, providing a step by step guide to products and customer service experiences. For online blogs, list type articles such as “top ten ways to build online content” are also very common to attract user attention and raise brand awareness.