Simply put, translation is the expression of one language in another. A good translation emphasizes "Faithfulness”(loyalty to the original text), Expressiveness (effectively conveying the message), and Elegance (elegance of the context), but there are few occasions in which the three principles can be perfectly balanced. How do we balance these three principles in different situations?

  • What are the general methods of translation?

    Translation is mainly divided into literal translation, free translation and creative translation. The method of each translation and the applicable style are slightly different.

  • What is the difference between several translation methods?

    Literal translation generally requires the two forms to be identical, common in legal documents and listing documents. Free translation refers to translation based on communication, but it does not need to be completely emulated by the original text, which allows for greater flexibility. The focus is on whether the audience can effectively receive the message in the text, or how it reacts to the text. Free translation is generally suitable for communication and marketing text. Creative translation emphasizes the expression of the target language and allows for a greater degree of deviation (i.e. the original text is for reference only). The text translated by creative translation often looks like an original text. Creative translation often used in advertising or subtitle translation.

  • What is the general charge for translation in hong kong?

    Take English to Chinese translation as an example, translation company normally charges at least 1 Hong Kong dollar per word, or up to 3 Hong Kong dollars per word. Professional translators or freelancers generally starts at HK$0.5 per word, and will be charged more depending on their level of experience. The fees for other languages are generally higher than those for English to Chinese translation.

  • Should I hire a translation company or a professional freelance translator?

    This depends on the size and time of the project. If the amount is large and the time is tight, it is generally safer to find a translation company because the other party will allow more than one translator to participate in the project at the same time. If you want to save costs and build long-term relationships, finding professional translators or freelancers is a good choice.

  • Why I have to pay for translation service instead of using Google translate?

    Professional translators know how to handle words and terms with multiple meanings that Google translate can’t differentiate. For instance, changing one single word in a Chinese sentence can result in a totally different meaning. If you use professional translation services, you know you are working with trained translators who can ensure consistency throughout your content and preserve the original meaning.