Commercial Video

Many people prefer to watch short videos to absorb information rather than read texts. Films (or videos) are to make the audiences remember and recall the key information presented by the videos by making use of their visual and auditory preference. Voice-over, which is to convey video plots and other visual elements in an effective way, is usually done by voice-over specialists who read the video scripts and editors who add the voice to films and videos during production.

  • How to create a good video?

    You should first accurately locate your target audiences and determine the contents, intonation and visual style most suitable for them before employing any film/video producers. And then you have to watch carefully the previous works from different video producers so as to understand whether their styles fit your ideas and your target audiences.

  • Why scripts are needed before making videos?

    After determining target audiences of the videos, you need to write video scripts so that video producers are well acquainted with the objectives and contents of the videos and start the production. If you are not good at writing scripts, you may ask experienced video producers to do it for you as well. You and video producers can also reasonably estimate the length and production cost of the videos through the writing of scripts.

  • When do you need professional voice-over services?

    Voice-over is a crucial element in TV advertisements, audio books, anime and cartoon movies. Voice is often recorded at the same time when shooting video. However, the quality of the audio may be affected by the surrounding environment, or the dialogues have to be translated to various languages. These are some of the situations where voice-over services are needed.

  • How to determine the quality of voice-over?

    Generally, voice-over specialists have pleasant voices and speak at the right speed with pronunciation that is clear and easy to understand. Excellent voice-over specialists can better convey the emotion needed by the scripts or scenarios, and make good use of the change of voices and intonation to leave the audiences a deep and unforgettable impression on the video plots.

  • How to select suitable voice-over specialists?

    Voice-over specialists suitable for you should be selected according to your target audiences (e.g. the young audiences) and content requirements. You can listen to their voice-over history to understand their intonation, style and features and select your favorite one. You may also share your favorite audios as reference and clearly explain your requirements, budget and expectations of the program before purchasing the service.

  • How does voice-over service generally charge?

    Voice-over services basically are charged based on the length of the script and the time required for the voice recording work. In general, more time is required for longer script and higher cost is incurred. There may be additional charges if other services (writing scripts, editing the voice recording) are needed.