Photo Retouch

With the development of technology, the demand for aesthetic photos and images is increasing. From portrait, landscape to product photos, people are looking for professional edited photos for personal or commercial uses. Professional retouching services can definitely increase the beauty and attractiveness of photos and help you or your brand stand out from the crowd.

  • What is dpi (Dots Per Inch)?

    Dpi (Dots Per Inch) is an abbreviation for resolution. The higher the dpi is, the finer and clearer the image printed will be. Generally, the quality of a general printed material needs to be at least 300dpi. If it is only displayed on the computer screen, a lower dpi is acceptable.

  • What is the cost for photo retouch and editing services?

    There are different types of photo retouch and editing services, such as wedding photo retouching, product photo retouching and portrait photo retouching etc. The fees charged by professional retoucher will be normally agreed on a case by case basis according to the specific needs and quantity of the photos. The time required for retouching is highly dependent on the level of details involved which in turn determine the price. Other services such as photo printing will be charged separately.

  • What do photo retouch and editing services include?

    Photo retouchers generally provide retouching services to make the photo look professional, beautiful and/or natural. For portraits, the services include editing of facial features, adding make-up, removal of any acne, freckles, eye bags, etc. For lanscape photos, the services include the adjustment of colors, luminosity, edges or the removal of watermarks.

  • What are the skills in photo retouch and editing?

    There are numerous types of skills in photo retouch. In addition to the general color and angle adjustment, photo retouchers can also use the photo editing softwares to change the overall color tone, apply filters, changing the ambience or shape of the picture etc. It is not surprised that sometimes the image after editing may be completely different from the original image.

  • Why do we need a professional photo retoucher to do photo retouching?

    Photo retouching techniques are complex and there are over hundreds of functions can be applied to edit or retouch a photo. Hiring an experienced photo retouchers can help you fix the defects in the photo, e.g. brightness, blemishes or even some unnecessarily objects that accidentally captured during the photo shooting progress. In addition, professional photo retouching service can help you create special visual effect that “wow” your audience.