• How to Publish Services on Workeroom

  • After reading this guideline, you will learn how to publish your services on Workeroom.

    To get started, you are required to perform phone verification using a valid HK mobile number in order for us to verify that you are a local professionals and service providers.

    Once verified, you can then start publishing your service by clicking the post service icon in the "My Account" page

    Let's get started and let the world know about your services!

    1. Start with writing an eye-catching title that summarises your service.

    2. You may then select: A) main category and sub-category, B) service type and C) attribute (if any) that best fits your service.

    3 Summarise your service in tabular format under the Basic Package and Extra Service section.

    (A) You can select default services description based on the service category you select, or you can remove them.
    (B) You can add basic service descriptions that are relevant to your service and set the quantity and unit accordingly.
    (C) Set the price, delivery time, and revision time for the Basic Package. Note that the delivery time starts when the buyer purchases your order.

    (D) You can also add any optional extra service and set its price, quantity, unit and delivery time.

    4. Here, you can elaborate on your service, introduce yourself and add anything that is necessary for potential buyers to understand more about you and your service.

    5. Add any frequent asked questions from your customers to save your time responding to similar questions from different buyers.

    6. List out the information you require from the buyer for this service. Make sure that you have included all the necessary information you need to to start and finish your work.

    7. Here, you can upload a maximum of 3 photos that are related to this service. Make sure that the photos are relevant and of good quality as customers will see your service photos before looking at the details of your service.

    8. Finally, Save or submit your service information.

    A. If you click the Save button, your service information will be saved for future editing.
    B. If you click the Publish button, your service information will be sent to us for review. After review and approval, your service will be officially published and can be searched by potential buyers.
    Ready to go? Let's publish your first service!