• A Step by Step Guide to the Service Process for Sellers

  • Once you have posted your service(s) at Workeroom, you are ready to receive orders from service buyers.

    1. You will receive notification that the buyer has sent you the order requirements. If you need any further information, you may follow up with the buyer by using the chat function on the order form.

    2. Once the order requirements have been received, you will be prompted to confirm that you will start the service.

    Please note that you have 18 hours to confirm that you have begun to work on the service. If the confirmation has not been provided within this timeframe, the buyer may cancel the order and get the full refund.

    3. Once the buyer has purchased your order, the service timer countdown will begin. Deliver the service within the pre-agreed timeframe!

    4. Once you have completed the service as required, submit the necessary documents, images and other uploads and click ‘DELIVER’ under the “DELIVER SERVICE” section.

    5. You may receive a number of “ASK FOR REVISION” requests from the buyer depending on the number of revisions that was agreed prior to the purchase of the service.

    You may revise based on feedback from the buyer, after which you can re-submit by clicking “DELIVER” under the “DELIVER SERVICE” section.
    You can also check on the status of the service and revision history under the “DELIVERED SERVICE” section.

    6. Once you have delivered the service, you can wait for the buyer to confirm receipt of the final service.

    If the buyer does not provide confirmation within 3 days, the order will be automatically completed.

    7. Congratulations! Once the buyer has confirmed that the service is completed, service income will be credited immediately to your Workeroom account. Thank you for your efforts!